ADD and ADHD Clinic

We take a comprehensive approach to assessing children and adults that may have ADD/ADHD. While checklists can be helpful, we know that other problems can create similar symptoms. For any person concerned about ADD problems, we assess all the components associated with ADHD as well as other processing disorders (i.e., learning disorders) and emotional components (i.e. anger, depression, etc.) We find that one or a combination of problems can help explain the causes of the presenting concerns. Girls and boys show different symptoms, and frequently girls are misdiagnosed without this comprehensive evaluation.

Signs of ADD/ADHD

Poor attention at school or work
Does not listen well
Cannot follow through on tasks
Fidgets or squirms
Cannot stay seated
Blurt out answers or interrupts
Poor social skills
Talks excessively
Easily distracted

Signs of a Learning Disability

Poor reading comprehension
Cannot finish homework in a timely manner
Poor handwriting
Cannot follow directions
Sloppy work
Forgets to turn in work
Does not work to potential

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