Memory Clinic

What is Memory?

Memory is a complex mental process that requires several levels of brain functioning. Memory can be divided into immediate recall (forgetting what was just said), short-term recall (what happened several hours or days ago) and long-term recall (past experiences, from years ago). Changes in memory occur over the life span, some due to emotional factors, and some due to brain changes. Before intervention, an understanding of what causes the problem must be ascertained. Neuropsychological evaluations are designed to assess these causes. New understanding of brain functioning has lead to new interventions, called cognitive rehabilitation to increase and improve memory. Even after head injury, stroke or other brain changes, improvements are now possible.

10 Warning Signs of Cognitive Decline
Memory loss that affects job skills
Difficulty performing familiar tasks
Forgetting simple words, using inappropriate ones, or making sentences difficult to understand
Disorientation to time and place
Poor judgment
Problems with abstract thinking
Misplacing things or putting things in odd places
Rapid mood swings for no apparent reason
Changes in personality
Loss of initiative or interest in one’s usual pursuits

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